Master Lucas Holzhueter

Over 25 years of Martial Arts Experience
Kukkiwon Certified 6th degree Black Belt
Certified Brandt’s Association Self Defense Instructor
Certified Cchyung Rryung Hapkido Federation 4th Degree Black Belt
Certified Kumdo/Kumbub 2nd Degree Black Belt
Licensed MN & ND Combative Sports Trainer/Corner
Certified Level 2 USA Taekwondo Coach  
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

Owner/Operator, Detroit Lakes School of Tae Kwon Do & Kumdo
Head Instructor, BSU Tae Kwon Do Club, Bemidji, MN
Instructor, Bemidji Tae Kwon Do, Bemidji, MN
Science Teacher, Detroit Lakes Public Schools


2007 - Current

Bemidji State University Bemidji, MN
Bachelor of Science Degree
Emphasis: Chemistry  
Bachelor of Arts Degree
Major: Science Education
Licensure:  5-12
Major: Chemistry
August 2007

August 2007

Recent Awards

2016 National USATaekwondo MN State Breaking Champion

2012,2015,2016 USATaekwondo MN State Heavy Weight Sparring Champion

2014 USATaekwondo MN State Weapons Champion

2011 Greenquist Taekwondo Championships Black Belts Sparring Belt Holder

2006 Chung Moo Kwan World Championships
  • Champion Men’s Black Belt Sparring & 3rd Place Men’s Black Belt Forms
Certificate of Commendation from World Chung Moo Kwan President
  • For attributing to Growth and Development of Tae Kwon Do
Certificate of Commendation from MN National Guard
  • For contributing to the Combat readiness of our troops