Great People, Great Martial Arts, Greater Community

Martial Arts, such as Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Kumdo, have many benefits besides self defense.

Building Great People, Builds Stronger Communities. This is our goal.

Martial Artists train the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

The mind is a powerful self defense tool, which when used properly can allow us to avoid confrontations. Like many martial arts schools we work on Self Control, Patience, and Discipline. As they advance through the ranks, students of Detroit Lakes School of Tae Kwon Do and Kumdo also learn about Korean culture and language. School aged students are expected to keep up on academics while training. Learning never stops but is life-long.

As martial artists not only do we try to protect our bodies from outside harm, but we protect our bodies for the future. Stretching and exercise are the best ways to get in better shape. Martial arts involve the whole body. The group environment helps students push their limits, whatever they may be, and encourage each other to succeed.

Martial arts can help many people gain confidence, perseverance, and self esteem. These attributes are built up by in healthy learning environment, having students set challenging goals and striving for them. With an Indomitable Spirit anything is possible. When we speak of spirit, please understand that martial arts are not a religion. We simply try to build up the individual.