Yes we do Birthdays! 

Our Birthday Packages cater to a variety of Children

You can rent our gym and have a Personal Intro to Martial Arts Class taught by our Black Belts. We also have fun group games such as Crab Soccer, TKD Baseball, an Obstacle Course run, or a Martial Arts Demo performed by Black Belts and Advanced students to keep you entertained.

Each participant will learn Basic Martial Arts Movements, Self Defense Skills, BREAK A BOARD, and Have Fun!!! Also the Detroit Lakes School of Taekwondo & Kumdo will give a coupon for two weeks of free lessons as a gift for spending the day with us.

# Participants Cost
5-15 $100
16-25 $125
26+ Please call
Each party is an Hour and a half. The first hour is Martial Arts Practice and Games. The last half hour we have set aside to do board breaking, gift opening, and Cake/Treats.

We provide Invite templates, at least two instructors, Special Breaking Boards, Tables/chairs, some decorations, and entertianment. All you have to provide is the Treats/Cake and the kids. (If you would like to bring your own decorations feel free).

Parties may be scheduled:

Please call or email well in advance to schedule around Tournaments and other special events at the gym.    

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